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With over 40 years of Scuba education to our credit, 3 Fathoms Scuba has remained at the leading edge of not only teaching Manitobans how to dive safely, but in actually creating "divers"! We have found there to be a distinct difference in both principles. Committed "divers" are more confident in their abilities which in turn, allows them to enjoy the sport at a much higher level than someone who has simply went through the process of a "run of the mill" course and are then handed a plastic certification card.

Many of our "divers" have returned each year on our exotic dive trips for well over a 20 year period of time. We quite frequently have children and even grandchildren of our "divers" in our scuba courses, then travelling on our dive trips with their family members. Our travel program is something we take a great deal of pride in. For nearly 40 years, we have escorted our divers to various exotic locations of the world, from Fiji to Micronesia, as well as the best the Caribbean has to offer.

At 3 Fathoms Scuba, the fun never ends.

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